Friends of the Thunderstake community

The time has come to announce! We are pleased to introduce to you, our presale !

All funds raised will be used to finance exchanges and grow the community. We have only 1200 packages available for presale. So good luck to everyone!


1200 Packages will be available for purchase.


Every Package will include 2500 thunderstake coins.


First 300 Packages will be sold  each package 0.0075 BTC (Sold out)

Second 300 Packages will be sold each package 0.0085 BTC

(Sold out)

Third 300 Packages will be sold each package  0.0095 BTC

(Sold out)

Fourth 300 Packages will be sold each package 0.015   BTC


Each Packages will cost 0.55LTC

Each Package will cost 0.1ETH


Each person is limited to buy only 30 +(more he can request if want )packages





Exchanges: CryptoBridge ~ 1 BTC  Crex24 0.1BTC, StocksExchange ~ 0.7BTC


                   Coinexchange  4 BTC


All unsold packages will be burned!


address for send payment

BTC- 19DEnaKE4yTrAUrTScGihFhi2X16aVuw9s

LTC - LTHUuyt1TWcgk6Ji69M7yDCDNq1nnxEGbH

ETH- 0x6B2B6BBC80234098D771787cD703C61EdA35BD0d


after payment please post under #payment-for-presale  bought packages numers ,your payment amount, txid , and your TSC wallet address and you will receive your coins.


Our team is committed to working hard for you, and our goal is to make this project as successful as possible. Please do your part and support us by spreading the message about this project with all of your contacts.