ThunderStake (TSC) is not only a CryptoCurrency, but also a Crypto-Brand. TSC is a PoS + MasterNode based coin. TSC shop is full of ThunderStake-branded products which can only be purchased with ThunderStake Coins. All the products we offer, are of very premium quality.
We can proudly say that ThunderStake is the world’s first altcoin with this business model. Thunderstake was created by a highly motivated team. Buy TSC, run a Masternode or just Stake it with PoS, and buy ThunderStake brand products. BTC and TSC have a very strong positive relationship, according to the correlation analysis. Bitcoin is not only the first cryptocurrency, but it is also the most well-known of the over 5,000 cryptocurrencies currently in use. With legitimate automated trading software like bitcoin buyer, bitcoins are traded in large volumes. The reason it is a pioneer in trading platforms is because of its customer service. The bitcoin buyer kundenservice guide informs you about the services that are available to customers around the clock.

TSC Specification

Find out the specs of THUNDERSTAKE Cryptobrand


1.000.000 TSC

Block Time

1 Minute

Total Supply TSC


350.000.000 TSC



Stake Age

2 Hours

Stake Maturity

16 Confirmations

Distribution of Rewards

50% Master Node + 50% POS

Mining Reward Distribution

Thunderstake is a PoS + MasterNode coin with a very controlled inflation. Which makes the TSC more stable and safe as a Investment as well as a medium of exchange.

• Block 1 to 260'000 > Rewards per block 1000 (+260'000'000 supply)
• Block 260'001 to 520'000 > Rewards per block 2000 (+520'000'00 supply)
• Block 520'001 to 780'000 > Rewards per block 3000 (+780'000'000 supply)
• Block 780'001 to 1'040'000 > Rewards per block 5000 (+1'300'000'000 supply)
• Block 1'040'001 to 1'300'000 > Rewards per block 6000 (+1'560'000'000 supply)
• Block 1'300'001 to 1'560'000 > Rewards per block 7500 (+1'950'000'000 supply)
• Block 1'560'001 to Till the end > Rewards per block 1000 (+525'000'000 supply per year)

MasterNode counter



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About ThunderService

Offering service to everyone
Need Your Custom Made Products With Logo?

ThunderService from the Thunderstake Cryptobrand is a solution for every other Crypto-currencies and the communities with their merchandise.

A logo is more valuable when put in an product. The ThunderService offers a large variety of products and merchandise that can be custom made for anyone.

All the products we offer are of assured quality and design. Take a look at our ThunderService section for more detailed information of the products.

Write to contact the team for any interaction and clarification.

  • Custom made

  • Assured

  • of Products

  • Easy



Q4 2018

- Swap old TSC
- Masternode implementation
- Construction of the web site
- Opening services for the website

Q1 2019

- Marketing development
- Masternode promotions
- Listing services masternode
- Expansion of web services

Q2 2019

- 3D objects store preparation
- Mobile wallet
- Search for new products
- Partner acquisition

Q3 2019

- Listing big exchange
- Internal exchange creation
- Team expansion
- Marketing promotions

Q4 2019

- Product development
- Website development
- Marketing services
- Continuous addition of products

Our Team

Meet the THUNDERSTAKE Cryptobrand Team

Pablo Allegro

Founder and Administrator



Smarty Jay






Emperor Emocan

Lead Community Support

Maruf Ahmed

Graphic Designer


Masternode Support


Masternode Support


Community Support


Partner Marketing


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Find out your queries

Where can I buy ThunderStake Coin (TSC)?

ThunderStake(TSC) can be bought or sold on various Cryptocurrency Exchanges like CRYPTOBRIDGE, STEX Exchange, ALTMARKETS and many more to come.

Where can I get an TSC Wallet?

ThunderStake have its own wallet for Windows and Linux. They are available for download on the Wallets section. The wallet allows you to store AllSafe on your local computer.

How can I mine TSC?

ThunderStake Coin offers a PoS + MasterNode reward distribution. Buy TSC from any of the available exchanges, create a MasterNode with 1,000,000 TSC or just simply keep them in a wallet to receive stake rewards. Ckech reward distribution on the MINING REWARD DISTRIBUTION section.

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