Mining rewards

PoW mining rewards: Until block 21600 (1 month): 10 Coins, after that until 100k (4 months): 50 Coins.

After that proof-of-stake only.

PoS staking rewards: 900% APR fixed, every block number dividable by 10 is a superblock with double APR (1800 %)

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Coin Specifications

  • Ticker: TSC
  • Algo: Scrypt
  • Mining: PoW (Dynamic) + PoS (900% APR + 10% Superblock with 1800% APR)
  • Stake age: Min: 1hour, Max: Unlimited
  • Block time: 2 Minutes
  • Premine: 10 Million (0.0005% - For presale and projects costs like marketing and exchanges)
  • Max. supply: 18 Billion
  • Masternodes: No

The ThunderStake App APPS

Thunderstake BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN

Thunderstake is a extreme high staking coin made by a motivated team. With 900% APR plus 10% superblocks with double APR it gives you an ultimative staking experience.


The transactions Are lighting fast.

High Reward

Block Rewards

High Reward

High POS Coin Stake Like Thunder with ThunderStake


PoW and PoS network protects transactions.


May 2018

-Project creation Thunderstake Cryptobrand.
-Creation of concept and formation of dev team.
-Create coin design logo and marketing
-Creating staking wallet(all wallet)
-Create discord channel server and Announcement threads forum Bitcointalk and Bitcoingarden.
-Create twitter initial planning for website
-Begin pow mining and staking pool
-Implement fund raising through private presale of 3 million premined coins.
-Begin staking pool once presale is completed
-Listing on Stakeunited (worlds first automated Staking Pool)

June 2018

-Exchange Listing
-Stocks exchange
-Listing pool partners

July 2018

-Launch youtube channel and all social channel
-Partner search for the on line shop
-Build a brand
-Opening marketing campaign
-Thunderstore creation
-Website redesign product implementation, price and purchase methods
-Staff extension in the discord channel for marketing
-Promotion of products in the youtube channel
-Organize the Sale and delivery of products all over the world

August 2018

-Opening of the shop with the first products
-Customized packaging and warehouse creation for goods storage
-Continue search for partners for new products
-Continous expansion and research of new products
-develop thunderstake debit card

NOB DIC and q1 2019 development work
* prepare the apr changes fork code to 150% / 10% double apr superblocks * verify new code stakes correctly, build new wallets for mac,windows,linux, update seednodes and explorer *:inform exchanges , also announce to all users to upgrade to new version *preparation for the tests * new fork becomes active and fights inflation

Q1 - 2019

-shop preparation, product distribution
-organization of deliveries with UPS partners.
-search for new products for the store
-trademark registration, Italian patent office, (6 months)
-addition of other payment systems. paypall, skrill.

q2 - 2019
-sales development of products in live shops.
-participation in fashion fairs in Milan for the presentation of new products.
-organization of events throughout Italy ..
-targeted advertising, in all fashion companies.
-promotions, and referral program.
-search online sales, for or products, with interesting commissions.

q3/q4 - 2019

-creation of payment system for millionaires of tsc .. with thunder Masterpos (up to 2% day even after the change of apr)
-referall system for masterpos.
-development of thunderdex exchange..with 0 fee for TSC.
-reffer system for exchange. continuous interesting gains.
-creation thunderpool .. exclusive pool at 0 fee, for all TSC holders ..

q4 - 2019

-thunderstake arrives in Amazon .. (we already have a registered account, we are just waiting for the patent for the brand, in order to sell the products).
addition of debit card (after the patent).
amazon shop preparation, promotions and product discounts.
-Thunder auctions ... sale of auction products between individuals directly on the website
-live shop opening in Italy ...

The ThunderStake Team TEAM

The ThunderStake Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Pablo Allegro
Founder, Administrator, Expert in trading
Co founder, Italian Marketing Team
Smarty Jay
Developer, Crypto-Management,Planning, Marketing Lead
Maruf Ahmed
Graphic Designer
Emperor Emocan
Support of community

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